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TRAIN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Where can I go to find out more about TRAIN?

A detailed instructional handout for TRAIN is available. The handout contains step-by-step instructions for basic activities users may want to accomplish using TRAIN. The handout and a description of the TRAIN website are available via a link at (check near the bottom of the page). The handout is also posted as a link on the TRAIN website itself. If you have already logged into TRAIN, look to the left, in the 'Quick Links' section. Text there states, "Learn More." This is a link to the instructional handout in .PDF format.


When I try to launch an online course or exam, I get a white screen with a message on it that says: "Online activity in progress. Please do not close this page. You will be redirected to the progress details page when finished", and then nothing else happens/my computer locks up. Why won't my course/exam come up?

Check to see if a pop-up blocker is in place on your computer. When a user launches an online course/exam, in addition to the screen described above another windows should pop-up/open. This window has tan-colored accents and will initially contain a course description. Clicking on 'Next' in this window will cause another window to pop-up/open. This second window is the window that the online course content will actually appear in. If a pop-up blocker is in play anywhere on the system, these windows will be prevented from displaying.

Pop-up blockers can be found almost anywhere check your internet browser software (In Internet Explorer, check the click on 'Internet Options' on the 'Tools' menu and check the 'Privacy' tab), your internet service provider, your server, firewall, your network, etc. TRAIN users have found pop-up blocking software in place in all of these locations. If an agency is using any additional tools/toolbars to surf the web (such as Google toolbar, Yahoo toolbar, etc.) there may be a pop-up blocker associated with that service/toolbar that will also need to be disabled.

To check to see if a popup blocker is installed on your PC, go to This site will attempt to open ten popup windows. If you don't see them, you likely have a popup blocker turned on and will need to turn it off.

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While I was taking my online course/exam there was a window that said I could use the 'Back' button to return to the previous page. I used my back button, and now my computer is locked up. What went wrong?

When a user launches an online course/exam, in addition to the initial browser screen, two more windows should pop-up/open. One will initially show a course summary. The second is the window that the online course content will actually appear in. The course summary window does display the message "When you have finished with the program you may return to the previous page using your browser's 'Back' button." Currently there is no need to use the 'Back' button to return to your previous page on the TRAIN System, users completing a course will automatically be forwarded to the correct location. If the 'Back' button is used while on the initial white browser screen it may cause system errors and/or computer malfunction.

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I forgot my password for TRAIN. Can you tell me what my password is?

Passwords are stored in a secure database. CIB staff does not have the capability to see what a user's current password is. If you have forgotten your TRAIN password, simply click on the 'Forgot Your Password' link on the TRAIN login page to answer a challenge question. If you answer your challenge question correctly you will be allowed to reset your own password. Keep in mind the answer to your challenge question must exactly match was is stored in the database, as answers are case sensitive. If you are still having difficulty you may contact the TIME System Control Center for assistance by calling 608-266-7633.

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What is my TRAIN login/username?

TRAIN logins are assigned based on a user's name. Typically your TRAIN username will include a portion of your last name, first and middle initials, and a randomly generated 3 digit number. If you do not know your login/username please contact your agency TRAIN administrator to obtain it.

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I tried logging into TRAIN but my login/password doesn't work. What's wrong?

A number of things could be wrong here, but typically it is because of one of three things:

  • You have forgotten your password
  • You are trying to use your WILENET login/password. Your WILENET login/password does not work for TRAIN.
  • You recently changed your password in another application.  Remember, your TRAIN password is the same as your Portal 100 password, eTIME browser password and/or WIJIS password.

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How can I change my TRAIN password?

Upon initially logging into TRAIN, users have the opportunity to set their password. If you have forgotten your TRAIN password, simply click on the 'Forgot Your Password' link on the TRAIN login page to answer a challenge question. If you answer your challenge question correctly you will be allowed to reset your own password. If you are still having difficulty you may contact the TIME System Control Center for assistance by calling 608-266-7633.

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I want to take my recertification exam online. How do I get registered to take the recertification exam online?

All TRAIN users can use the system to view their own training records. In order to take an online course/exam, however, a user must be registered for the course/exam by their local administrator. Contact your agency TRAIN administrator or TIME Agency Coordinator to request registration.

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I am trying to register myself/someone else to take an online course or exam. I clicked on the name of the course I want to register for, but that just takes me to another page. What do I do?

The TRAIN System uses links to allow users to access course information. Clicking on the name of the course takes users to a 'Course Summary' page which contains further details about the course. On this course summary page there should be registration links/buttons on the lower portion of the screen. If these links/buttons do not appear, you are not authorized in the CIB database to register yourself/others for classes. Only an agency's TRAIN administrator can register users for classes using the TRAIN System.

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My agency administrator told me I was registered to take an online course, but when I login to TRAIN I cannot find the course/don't know how to begin.  What do I do?

Go to the upper left hand corner of the learner screen and choose the 'Learn' option from the menu bar.  Highlight and select 'Training Schedule' and you will be taken to a page listing any online courses you are currently registered for.  Simply click on the green 'Start' button to begin taking the online course.

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I want to access my training records, but when I pull up the screen to select a user, my name is not one of the choices. Where did I go?

Don't worry, you are still there. The key to this problem is to remember you cannot manage yourself. When you are selecting a user to view, you are in the manager mode (office chair icon). To view your own information, you need to return to the learner mode (person icon).

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Things just aren't working as they're supposed to. I can access TRAIN, but everything seems to be running really slow. What should I do?

The TRAIN System uses a standard browser and is accessed through the internet. Speed of the system will vary depending on your internet connections speed and modem capability. Dial-up connections will be slower, for example, than high speed cable or T1 connections. You can take some steps to help speed the connection by making room in your computer's memory by clearing the computer's internet cache/history and cookies. Both of these options are typically found under the 'Internet Options' menu, 'General' tab.

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I have logged into TRAIN as myself, but I see someone else's information/old information.  Why?

Your department's internet access through a network may include proxy servers. Basically, a proxy server is a 'gatekeeper' or 'director'. Think of a phone system: a department may have 100 people, but only 20 outside phone lines (not everyone is going to use the phone at once). When someone picks up the phone to place an outside call, the system 'directs' the call to the next available outside line. A proxy server performs the same function for internet access. In addition, the proxy server may 'cache' or save materials from popular websites, allowing them to be displayed faster when a user revisits them.


The TRAIN System is a dynamic system, the information it displays will vary depending on user role, course content, security setting, etc. If a department is using a proxy server on their network to access the internet, the TRAIN website must be exempted from proxy caching to allow TRAIN to access the most current information.

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I took my online course/exam, and received a score, but when I look at my training records, no score is listed. If I look at progress details, it shows as 'incomplete'. What happened?

When a TRAIN user completes an online course/exam, their score is automatically sent to CIB and their TIME training record updated.This will only happen if the user closes or ends the course correctly. If the score has not been automatically posted to your training record, it is probably because something went wrong when closing the course. The following steps need to be followed in the correct order for your score to be correctly forwarded to CIB:

  • Click on the 'Score Quiz' button. The TRAIN System may take a few minutes to calculate your score. The score will be displayed to when the calculation is finished.
  • Once your score has been displayed, click on the 'Submit and Exit' button. Do not close any other windows at this time.
  • A smaller window will pop up containing the message (You have successfully completed the learning activity. Click Close to close the player window or Launch to return to the learning activity.) Click the Close button in this window.
  • The course summary window will automatically close, and the white page with the message beginning (Online course in progress...) will be the only page remaining. If you have closed/ended the course correctly you will be automatically redirected from this page to the 'Progress Detail' page, where you will once again see your score.

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I was taking an online course/exam and my computer suddenly closed my internet browser. What happened? Did I lose all my work? Do I have to start over?


I was taking an online course/exam and had to leave to do something else. When I came back my browser was closed. What happened? Did the system save my answers? Do I have to start over?

Some department computers/networks have been set up with a timer function that limits the amount of time a user is allowed to be on the internet. Once the time limit has been reached, the system closes the internet browser and connection. This time limit is set on your computer or agency network, not by CIB.

If your browser is suddenly closed in this manner, you may have lost your work up to that point. It is suggested you use the 'Bookmark' function, if available, to periodically save your work. If your computer freezes/closes your browser as described and you have not saved your work using the 'Bookmark' function you will have to begin again - and should take care to either complete the course within the time allotted or disable the timer feature on your network.

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What operating systems/browsers are compatible with TRAIN?

Agencies that wish to use TRAIN must ensure the operating system and browser they are using is compatible.

TRAIN supports the use of Windows operating systems up to/including Windows 7.

TRAIN is compatible with Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10, and is also compatible with Firefox 3.6.10, 8.0.1 and 9 and Safari 4. If you are using an unsupported browser or operating system and the TRAIN site is not functioning correctly, CIB is unable to provide support/answers. Agencies that use unsupported operating systems/browser with TRAIN do so at their own risk. Some agencies have had success using other operating systems/browsers or by operating their browser in compatibility mode (torn page icon to the right of the address bar), but CIB is unable to provide support/answers to issues involving unsupported systems/browsers.

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I am trying to take an online course/exam and the TRAIN course/exam screen covers my entire computer desktop. What is going on? How can I get to the other things I need on my computer?

Computers today have the capability to display programs and their contents in lots of different sizes. Users can configure their display to use a larger font, for example, to make text appear bigger (think of the large print editions of books). Other settings can also affect the size of what is displayed on the screen. If TRAIN content is not displaying correctly, check to see if you need to adjust these settings: screen resolution (should be 1024x768), text size setting in Internet Explorer (should be medium at the largest) or font size (should be small). As to getting to other things on your computer, if the task bar does not appear on the bottom, you can always use alt+tab to move back and forth among programs.

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I am trying to take an online course/exam and the TRAIN course/exam screen shows only a small box I the upper left corner I can't see any questions or content. What is going on?

Check to make sure a setting, "Allow-Script-Initiated Windows Without Size or Position Constraints" is enabled. This setting may be found in the Tools menu, Internet Options, Security tab. Highlight 'Internet' and then click on the 'Custom Level' button near the bottom. Scroll to find the setting in the Miscellaneous section

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After logging in to TRAIN, my information is not correctly displayed/certain features do not function correctly.  What is wrong?

In TRAIN, specific settings in Internet Explorer must be correct. Cookies must be enabled. In Internet Explorer, click on 'Internet Options' on the 'Tools' menu and check the 'Privacy' tab. The slider here should be set to 'Medium'. In earlier versions of Internet Explorer, check the 'Security' tab, 'Custom Level' to make sure 'Allow Cookies' is enabled..

Active X controls must also be enabled. Once again, in Internet Explorer, click on 'Internet Options' on the 'Tools' menu and check the 'Security' tab. Click on 'Custom Level', scroll down to the ActiveX section and make sure 'Run ActiveX Controls and Plug-Ins' is marked as enabled.

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The information I am viewing on TRAIN appears to be old.  Is something wrong?

Has the internet cache been emptied?  Regular internet users visit many of the same pages routinely. Your computer may be set to store information about these pages, allowing for quicker downloading/viewing later. In addition, websites you have visited may have placed 'cookies' on your computer. These 'cookie' files allow the site to identify you as a previous visitor upon your return to the website. In order for TRAIN to run correctly, the most current version of the website must be accessed. Emptying the internet cache will ensure the most current version of the TRAIN website is being used.

For Internet Explorer users, on the 'Tools' menu, click on 'Internet Options'. On the 'General' tab, in the 'Temporary Internet Files' section, click on both the 'Delete Cookies' and 'Delete History' buttons. In the 'History' section, also click on the 'Clear History' button.

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I am trying to access reports and can't seem to find the 'View Reports' link that I used to use. Where did reports go?

TRAIN reports have been given their own separate section or mode that can only be accessed by managers. At this time the reporting function of TRAIN is temporarily unavailable for all users. Agency administrators with a need for reports or department rosters can request them via an email to CIB is working to restore the reporting feature of the TRAIN for managers .

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